Storm Damage

Unexpected storms can cause serious damage and sometimes subtle damage on your roof that you won’t notice until you see your ceiling caving in. The good news is under your homeowners policy your insurance will cover it!

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Do you have damage on your roof?

 What if we told you that for as little as your deductible, Pineda’s Roofing can repair or repla​ce your roof? If you have a homeowner’s insurance policy in place and are current on payments, then it is possible to collect financial benefits in the event of wind/hail/inclement weather damages

As a privileged company serving the communities in Maryland and the surrounding areas, we want nothing more than to save people money wherever we can. We have helped hundreds of customers file a roof insurance claim without hassle by providing free insurance claim assistance.

Insurance Claim Process

Damage Assesment

Contact Pineda’s Roofing to setup a free roof inspection to assess your roof, siding and other conditions. We assess your entire property for storm damage and document claimable damage on your roof and siding that may need repair or replacement.

Contact Insurance

PContact the insurance carrier as soon as possible and report the incident. You can phone them, write a letter or use their online contact form.. The adjuster will ask for information on the accident including dates and times, location of damage, types of damage or loss, whether you or someone else was involved, names and contact information of anyone who was present at the property that has been damaged.

Claim Adjustment & Approval

The adjuster will schedule a roof inspection to assess how much damage your roof has sustained. Depending on the circumstances, we may meet the adjuster on-site to discuss the sustained damage.

Start Project

Upon the approval of insurance claim, we begin the scheduling process and material selection. Next, we’ll work with you on a preferred start date for the roof replacement. We’ll stay in touch with you so that you’re aware of every step we are taking in beautifying your home with a brand new roof!

Mission Complete

Once our work is done and you are satisfied with your new roof, we will process final payment and finalize the warranty for your new roofing system.

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